Booklet and Extended Content

Multi-Panel Booklet Labels

ATL's multi-panel booklet and extended content labels range from three to 35 pages, providing a practical option to fit comprehensive product information in a small amount of space.

You can use booklet labels to provide your customers with critical product details such as drug facts, directions on usage, assembly instructions, drawings or diagrams, rebates or warranties, and even multiple languages. Various configurations of extended content labels are available with resealable closures and wraparound constructions for both flat and curved surfaces.

If language translations are needed, we can help you out. We have audited and approved an outside source with more than 500 qualified translators and native speakers of virtually every primary language. We will introduce you to this team of professionals so that you can work directly one-on-one with them.

ATL offers a quick turnaround on booklet labels from purchase order to delivery. For your assurance, all extended content labels must pass a rigorous "batch inspection process" performed by our Quality Assurance group before authorized to ship. We understand the criticalities of providing a fail-safe product to your customers.

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